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Praying from the Place of Purity

Unveiling the mysteries of mighty prevailing prayers

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The prayer of Jesus that brought Lazarus back to life was simple, and straight to the point. Peter and John dd not use many words before the crippled man at the beautiful gate leaped of joy. Daniel did not have sufficient time to mobilize an intercessory team before he was thrown into the lion’s den yet he survived the ferocius beast. Queen Mary of the Scots is said to have said, ‘I fear John Knox’s prayers more than all the assambled armies of Europe.

Can you also acces this high level of spiritual power through prayer? Yes you can! This book provides divine spiritual keys that can exponentially increase your prayer power. Read, pray and apply the divine keys contained therein and you will experience an quantum leap in your prayer life.


Temitope Agbana






129 pages