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Unspoken Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare

Key strategies for disarming the enemy in battle

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The end of all things is at hand and spiritual warfare is getting more intense than ever. The victorious side however, must consist of valiant men and women who are highly skilled in deploying divine strategies to demobilize the operations of the enemy in three dimensions ; the mind, sea, air and land. Those who subdue the Levithan and the serpent in the sea though their dexterous use of the mighty piercing sword of the Lord to secure the delivery of the abundance of the sea to their rightful owners.

As living stones under the operational command of the Chief Corner Stone (Jesus the captain of their salvation), they must gather out the evil and common stones on the land, tearing down the altars of the enemy as they advance in battle to claim and reclaim lost land grounds and lift up the standard of the people. Like a mighty terrible army with banners skilled in air operations, they must ascend in the spirit to dethrone the prince of the power of the air and his agents so that the people can rise to their rightful place in destiny.

To fight to win in this three dimensional space we must understand the unspoken dimensions of spiritual warfare. This book contains hidden secrets that will help you disarm the enemy in battle and live victoriously in the times we are in.


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